07 June 2013

Orange-Scented Broccoli with Glazed Tofu

Feeling inspired and particularly creative, I came home from work one afternoon with a strong idea of what I wanted to eat for dinner. I'd been idly updating spreadsheets all afternoon, while mentally compiling a list of the fresh ingredients I had bought recently. Tofu, broccoli, oyster mushrooms, oranges. I always make sure I have a giant bag of Jasmine rice on hand, so this meal was practically putting itself together!

I made the orange-scented broccoli from Appetite from Reduction and adapted this recipe from Olives for Dinner for the glazed tofu. I'd never made either of the recipes so was unsure as to how they would turn out and work with each other, but they seemed to compliment each other perfectly. I've only recently starting cooking with Chinese rice vinegar (a recent salad turned out to be an acidic disaster) so I was very wary about the tofu being too overpowering. The sauce for the glazed tofu was actually fantastic and definetely something I would make again. It proved to be a quick and satisfying after work dish which was very easy to execute.


Anonymous said...

Nice effort!


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