22 February 2013

Back on it

I've had all the best intentions of keeping this blog updated, taking photos of virtually every meal, making mental notes of the places I've dined at, downloading the right apps on my phone... And yet here I am a year later, tending to its neglected posts with a heap of photos and memories to sort through.

I've made a few changes over the past year, one of is which is that I'm now a pescatarian. This decision was a difficult one to make, which was a few years in the making and I basically came to the decision to change my diet for my health. That is not to say you cannot have a healthy lifestyle on a vegetarian or vegan diet alone; I am still predominantly vegetarian and I often prepare vegan meals for my boyfriend and I, but noticed a significant change in my energy levels and well-being when little amounts of fish were introduced to my diet (namely salmon) which I did not get by taking vegan DHA. My stance on animal welfare has, of course, not changed.

I found this site really interesting: http://www.fishfight.net/



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