23 February 2013

Baking Up a Storm

In June last year, my friend Stacey and I went to a cupcake decorating class in Brighton. While I have by no means perfecting the art of piping, my decorating has gotten a lot better! Practice makes perfect, so even though Nat and I live alone, cupcakes are still baked by the dozen, giant bags of icing sugar are ripped open with a flourish, chocolate is melted and turned into ganache, piping bags are filled and icing flows through my fast growing collection of plastic and metal icing tips.

Vegan chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Vegan chocolate raspberry blackout cake with raspberry icing and chocolate ganache

Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing

Coffee cupcakes with chocolate and coffee icing

Banana cupcakes with banana icing, chocolate and dried bananas

Baking for Halloween: Vegan chocolate cupcakes with coconut icing

Vegan Speculoos cupcakes



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